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Large: $50

Includes: Cthulhu Tiki Mug, your choice of Storm Crow t-shirt, Bag of Holding Tote, Jumbo D20, 7-piece dice pack (random colours).


(Contact us here if your t-shirt option is not available and we will work with you towards a substitution)

Small: $25

a cup with a green bowl

Includes: Storm Crow Heat Transfer Mug, Bag of Holding Tote, Storm Crow Pin, 7-piece dice pack (random colours), Legendary Item Face Mask.


Gift baskets will be available for pick-up at Storm Crow Manor (580 Church St.) 7 days a week within 48 hours of ordering. Wait for your 'order is ready' email before proceeding to pick-up.

Limited quantities available. Substitutions may occur, but will be confirmed before order is fulfilled.