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Plate of Seared Salmon with potatoes and spinach in the front with stear tartare in the background to promote the Valentine's Set Menu at Storm Crow

Storm Crow Manor

Announcements and Special Events: 

Valentine's Dining Event Feb 11-14: Book your special night

Horror Trivia with Rue Morgue Jan 25: Reserve a table for your horror trivia group!
Last Of Us Dinner Seatings: Every Sunday! Book your table
Nerdin' Trivia Tuesdays: Reserve a table for your general geek trivia group

Brunch Cartoons Days are back! Like Saturday morning cartoons but better because you're at Storm Crow Manor
Kid's Edition: Reserve
Adult Edition: Reserve


Monday 4pm - 11pm
Tuesday 4pm - 11pm
Wednesday 12pm - 11pm
Thursday 12pm - 11pm
Friday 12pm - 12am
Saturday 12pm - 12am
Sunday 12pm - 11pm

Roll for a Dungeon Burger, test your luck with our Random Shots, and enjoy one of our signature bubbling beverages in one of eight thrillingly themed rooms at Canada's nerdiest restaurant.

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Critical Hit to the Heart Dining Event
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Storm Crow Shop

Join us at the Storm Crow Shop, purveyors of the best nerdy stuff in the multiverse! We started as a small collection of "nerd bars" in Canada, and now we're bringing our particular brand of high geekiness to you in your own home.

All of our goodies are designed in, and shipped from, Vancouver, BC on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

We hope you love our extremely nerd things as much as we love designing and making them. Which is A LOT.

To shop our exclusive collection of dice, pins, tees, totes, drinkware and more - click here.

FREE SHIPPING within the US and Canada on orders over $75!

International shipping available.

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About the Manor

The story so far...

In 2012 PopCap Games founder Jason Kapalka had the idea of opening a “nerd bar” on Vancouver’s funky Commercial Drive… a sports bar for geeks, stuffed with board games, fantasy memorabilia, and sci-fi-themed drinks and food. 

This became the infamous Storm Crow Tavern, followed several years later by the Storm Crow Alehouse on the west side of Vancouver (both bars recently closed due to the pandemic). 

While these were popular nerd havens on the west coast, an expansion to Toronto had always been planned… and when the abandoned heritage mansion at 580 Church was discovered it was love at first sight, despite the nests of raccoons and other critters.

It took more than a year to renovate the hundred year old building but the results were worth it: three stories of weird and fantastical rooms, from the subterranean dungeon bathrooms to the mad scientist chic of the Mary Shelley bar to the Cyberpunk Lounge to the surreal, hidden Black Lodge.

The pub-style menu is highlighted by the Dungeon Burger, a sandwich you can randomly roll with twenty-sided dice, while the cocktails include incandescent bubbling concoctions like Romulan Ale, Butterbeer and a 2-person cocktail served in Darth Vader’s helmet. 

It’s an experiential drinking and dining experience like no other located in the heart of Toronto. From legendary halloween parties, monthly trivia nights, and special D&D events, Storm Crow Manor is a haven for the geek community attracting fellow nerds both local and abroad.