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Toronto's geekiest bar! Opened in late 2018 in an elegant Church St mansion, it includes a sanity-shattering array of theme rooms, secret doors, catacombs, cyberpunk bars, glowing, bubbling cocktails, randomly-generated burgers and, oh yeah, tentacles.

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Happy Hour is Here!

We are launching Happy Hour again! Enjoy delicious small plates, mystery cocktails, and specials on beer and random shots! Visit us Monday to Thursday, 3-6pm.

Every Body Tells a Story in this New Mystery Game

A new Murder Mystery from the devious minds at Mysterious Package Company. It’s not just the witness statements and evidence files you’re used to in cold case mystery games, in order to solve this one you’ll need to cut a little deeper. Step into the morgue, a puzzle autopsy awaits.

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Can you keep a secret...

There's a pocket dimension somewhere in the Manor. What's in it? That's for you to discover. Find a hidden key to access it. Keys are NOT located under tables or areas that will directly intrude on other diners.