Vegan/Vegan Possible
Gluten-Friendly/Gluten-Friendly Possible
Dungeon Meals

Beware! Only for the truly daring or indecisive of adventurers

The most famous of Storm Crow Manor's experiences is to let dice decide the fate of your meal!
Vegan and gluten-friendly options available

How does it work?

1. Ask your server for a Dungeon Sheet
2. Choose the class of your meal
3. Roll for ingredients

**Note** Rolling is simply for fun and you can absolutely change toppings to suit your personal taste if the dice were particularly unkind.

All Dungeon Meals come with a collectible trading card because every dungeon needs loot. Ready to roll?

Meal Classes:

Dungeon Burger 20+
Let the capricious whims of Fate build your burger. Will it be beef? Chicken? Loin of Bugbear with a Gelatinous Cube demi-glace? Probably not that one, BUT WHO KNOWS?

Neverwinter Noodles 19+
Bless his divine Noodley appendages (Available Friday & Saturday all day, Sunday - Thursday before 9pm)

Perils of Poutine 16+
Partake in these cheesey delights at your own peril


Upgrade any Dungeon Meal to be delivered to your table in an authentic treasure chest, contaning a mystery prize for you!