Whether you're an early morning riser or early afternoon, we have your first meal of the day right here!
Served on weekends and statutory holidays from 12pm-3pm

The Shire's Second Breakfast

In case your first breakfast didn't hit the spot, Second Breakfast is sure to fill any Hobbit's belly up...well at least until Elevenses. Enjoy a breakfast platter of 3 (three) eggs, sauteed mushrooms, 2 (two) turkey sausages, 2 (two) slices of bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, tater tots, and toasted sourdough. *This dish is gluten-friendly possible.


Lon Lon Rancheros

Just what a rancher needs to get through a long day of hard honest work. Picture the rolling hills and picturesque landscape of Hyrule Fields as you dig into this stack of crispy corn tortillas sandwiching refried beans, pico de gallo, spicy tomato relish, tex mex cheese, 3 (three) fried eggs, guacamole, and finished with a drizzle of jalapeno infused Lon Lon crema. *This dish is gluten-friendly.


Brown Coat Rations

Succulent corned beef, corn, black beans, tater tots slow cooked with house-made BBQ sauce with two poached eggs on top and smothered in hollandaise sauce. Sign us up for a rebellion against the Alliance if this is what the Brown Coats are serving to fire up that unwavering spirit.


"Miltank & Togepi - I choose you!"

“…for breakfast!” What? Don’t tell us you’ve never once thought of what Pokemon would taste like… Jokes aside, this hearty start to your day consists of a 6oz flat iron steak, 2 (two) fried eggs, chimichurri, spiced tater tots, baked beans, crispy onions, and toasted ciabatta on the side.


One-Up Mushroom Toast

The perfect vegetarian breakfast is no longer a pipe dream! Hop straight into the Mushroom Kingdom’s version of avocado toast. Made with pesto-sauteed mushrooms, spinach, guacamole, and feta on a toasted ciabatta. *This dish is gluten-friendly possible.


Eggs Benedict Wong

Nestled on this bed of toasted ciabatta goodness are two perfectly poached eggs, reminiscent of the mystical orbs seen in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Conjured with guacamole, peameal bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce infused with hints of ancient herbs and spices. It's a culinary adventure fit for the Sorcerer Supreme himself! *This dish is gluten-friendly possible.


*NEW* Avo-Kaiju Toast

Genetically engineered by the Precursors to help you as a mighty Kaiju on your path of destruction: toasted sourdough bread topped with house-made guacamole, whipped feta, arugula and a sunny-side egg. Finished with a pinch of maldon sea salt and served with a side of tater tots.



Want to add some additional fuel to your breakfast? Or perhaps you want to be the master of your own breakfast destiny and build a custom plate

Sourdough (1 Slice) -$2
Rye Bread (2 Slices) - $2
Ciabatta bun - $2
Turkey Sausage (2 pcs) - $2
Bacon (3 pcs) -$3
Peameal Bacon (2 pcs) - $3
Egg (1) - $2
Guacamole (3oz) - $3
Hollandaise (3oz) -$3
Sautéed Mushroom (4oz) - $4
Baked Beans (3oz) - $2
Caramelized Onion - $3
Grilled Tomato - $3
Tater Tots - $5

Small House Salad - $6.50
Small Caesar Salad - $7.50
Shoestring Fries - $5
Small Poutine - $5
Small Vegan Poutine - $6
Small Chickpea Fries - $3

Brunch Drinks

Caesar's Escape

A drink suitable for the finest ape on the planet... or, we suppose, humans could have one too, we guess. Clamato, vodka (1oz), tabasco, worcestershire sauce, spicy green bean. Contains absolutely no ALZ-113. Make it a double for $5


The Aquaman A.K.A. Jason "Mimosa"

Enough to sate the thirst of the King of Atlantis! Torro Bravo Secco and choice of orange juice or grapefruit juice. Order a bottle for the table for $40