Whether you're an early morning riser or early afternoon, we have your first meal of the day right here!
Served on weekends and statutory holidays from 12pm-3pm

Smokey Bear's Favourite Brisket Hash

REMEMBER! Only you can prevent consuming this meaty cure made with corned beef, house-made rum BBQ sauce, tater tots, corn and black beans. Served with toasted sourdough and two poached eggs on top and finished with hollandaise.


Leeloo Breakfast Multipass

A meal suitable for a Supreme Being served however you want it! Two eggs cooked any style with your choice of protein (peameal bacon, smoked bacon, turkey sausage) and choice of toast (sourdough, white toast). Served with brunch potatoes. Add a coffee for, one might even say, a fifth element of brunch.


Avo-Kaiju Toast

Genetically engineered by the Precursors to help you as a mighty Kaiju on your path of destruction: toasted sourdough bread topped with smashed avocado, tomatoes, sliced radishes, arugula, sunny-side egg and finished with maldon sea salt. Served with cajun brunch potatoes.


Benedict Croissanderbatch

Like its namesake, a beautiful classic with a lovely posh twist! Two perfectly done poached eggs served on a halved baked-in house croissant with peameal bacon, hollandaise and a heaping side of brunch potatoes.


The Shire's Second Breakfast Poutine

In case your first breakfast didn't hit the spot, Second Breakfast is sure to fill any Hobbit's belly up...well at least until Elevenses. Enjoy a hearty bowl of brunch potatoes, cheese curds, hollandaise sauce, chicken gravy, peameal bacon, 2 sunny-side eggs, breakfast turkey sausage, and green onions. Just don't go running into any troublesome wizards.


Brunch Drinks

Caesar's Escape

A drink suitable for the finest ape on the planet... or, we suppose, humans could have one too, we guess. Walters caesar mix, vodka (1oz), tabasco, worcestershire sauce, pepper, spicy green bean. Contains absolutely no ALZ-113. Make it a double for $5


The Aquaman A.K.A. Jason "Mimosa"

Enough to sate the thirst of the King of Atlantis! Torro Bravo Secco and choice of orange juice or grapefruit juice. Order a bottle for the table for $35