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Bits 'N Bites

Dungeon Meals

Looking to roll dice for your meal?

Feeling adventurous or just want a D20 to decide your meal for you? We now offer Dungeon Burgers, Poutines, and Pastas! So many customization options and every meal comes with a collectible card!

Start Your Adventure

All of our burgers and sandwiches come with your choice of Shoestring Fries or House Salad. When seeking adventure you can upgrade to Tater Tots for +$3 Caesar Salad for +$3.75 or Chickpea Fries for +$3 or Poutine for +$4.95. All of our burgers are served on Martin’s Potato Buns (contain dairy & sesame), gluten friendly alternative available for $2.Vegan-friendly buns available upon request,


Add Avocado, Bacon Bits $2.25
Add Soy Chili Tofu $5
Add Tex-Mex Chicken, Honey Garlic Chicken, Cajun Shrimp, BBQ Pulled Pork +$5
Add Impossible Vegan Patty $6.50
Add Grilled Beef Burger, Fried or Baked Chicken Breast $6
Add Marinated Chicken Skewer $8
Add Chicken Tendies $7
Add Flat Iron Steak $12