You've Found a Pocket Dimension

You stumbled upon a hidden gateway, obscured by tendrils of ivy. Without hesitation, you pushed through, only to find yourself transported into a breathtaking pocket dimension. Time seemed to stand still in this ethereal realm as you marveled at the beauty and mystery that surrounded you, eager to uncover the secret menu of Storm Crow Manor.

Green Cryopop

Looking for an alternative way to consume your booze? Try a Cryopop today! Cryogentically frozen green apple sour puss, vodka, lemon juice in disposable tubes. May cause temporary brain functions to freeze.


Black Blood Potion

Important in any Witcher's aresenal - Black Blood Potion. Consume this to turn your blood toxic to necrophages and vampires. May or may not work on mosquitos. This espresso martini made with Chambord, Jameson, Kamora and espresso will have the adrenaline pumping through your monster hunting veins.


Eärendil's Star

Crafted by the elven mixologists of Lothlórien, this cocktail is a true elixir of refinement and grace. As the gin swirls within the glass, a whisper of elderflower essence is added. This ethereal touch infuses the cocktail with a soft, floral note, reminiscent of the Elven Queen Galadriel's radiant presence. Garnished with a delicate curl of lemon peel. Empress Gin, Lilet, Triple Sec, lemon juice.